What's a "GPT-4 ticket"?

Under Sweep: turn bugs and feature requests into code changes. I see that a “GPT-4 ticket” can be purchased. What does that mean in this context? A GitHub issue that Sweep works on?


This is just outdated copy but we used to have GPT 3.5 tickets as well, which were free. They were simply too low-quality so we got rid of them.

It just means we’ll use GPT-4 to create the PRs.

I see, but what is it that one purchases for $10 a piece? What do I get for $10?

You get one Sweep-generated pull request. Alternatively, you can use Sweep CLI Installation using your own OpenAI and Anthropic API keys to write a pull request.

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Just fixed the copy on our landing page using Sweep: Sweep: Rename all occurrences of "GPT-4 Sweep issues" to just "Sweep issues" by sweep-nightly[bot] · Pull Request #656 · sweepai/landing-page · GitHub.

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