Body: {'message': 'invalid request: list of documents must not be empty'}

Hello everyone,

I’m testing Sweep on my GitHub account but encountering the following error message. According to the FAQ document, this error is typically related to newly created repositories with no code where Sweep will not function. However, both of these repositories already contain code.

Am I missing something? How should I proceed?

  1. Sweep: Updating uvicorn Server Command with "--reload" option · Issue #1 · DanielDaCosta/ai-flashcards-generator · GitHub
  2. Issues · DanielDaCosta/docusaurus-2 · GitHub

Error message:

It looks like an issue has occurred around fetching the files. The exception was status_code: 400, body: {'message': 'invalid request: list of documents must not be empty'}. If this error persists contact

@DanielDaCosta, editing this issue description to include more details will automatically make me relaunch. Please join our community forum for support (tracking_id=e7d73ef388)

Thanks for the help!